FAQs on web design in Munich

... better be well-informed ; )

By using this approach and being well prepared, our work on your project can be fun.
The most important answers to your questions a little bit down on this page.

I have no questions, where are the rates?


Not listed? Ask me!

    HTML5, Wordpress, Joomla ...
    Not fixed yet?

    My recommendation:
    A static (HTML5) site (+ ProcessWire = CMS)


    •   Greatest possible flexibility in design and features
    •   Fast, so good for search engine optimization
    •   Not hackable, no security updates required (saves time and money)
    •   With the Processwire option: I turn every static page into a system where you can edit the content extremely easily. By double-clicking on your page.
    •   You already have a template / template / theme? you want to do something different? I customize it (+ Processwire option)
    •   Extremely easy setup of additional languages (option ProcessWire
    •   Extremely short training period for you
    •   Did you know? I also write texts for you


    •   With ProcessWire option: higher costs than with a bought Wordpress template (at 50-90 € per month security update costs, but then it becomes relative)
    Joomla CMS


    •   Built-in features
    •   Flexible, high functionality
    •   Templates available
    •   Multilingual


    •   Higher development costs
    •   Higher server costs, because otherwise it's running slowly
    •   Higher training period for you
    •   Is often hacked, therefore many security updates of system and modules
    Wordpress CMS


    •   Many templates available
    •   Many modules available (also needed, because Wordpress comes "naked"
    •   Short training period for you


    •   Multilingualism only by module
    •   Higher server costs, because otherwise it's running slowly
    •   Module quality varies widely
    •   Is often hacked, therefore a lot of security updates from system and modules
    Typo3 CMS:


    •   Very flexible
    •   Connection to the intranet possible
    •   High multi-client capability


    •   Very high development costs
    •   Higher server costs, because otherwise it's running slowly
    •   Is hacked less frequently, but still a lot of system and module security updates
    I no longer actively offer Typo3 due to the advantages and cost savings of variant 1.


Anything missing? Ask me!

What is this ProcessWire?

This is a system with a programming language (PHP) and a database (MySQL).
Simply put, create e. g. a (PHP) placeholder for the word "contact" in the menu bar on your website.
You can then edit the word "contct" by double-clicking on it and correct it to "contact". On the German version, you simply make it "Konatkt". It's really that simple : )
But you can also do really crazy things with it, and it's a super fast and highly scalable system.
More here: ProcessWire

I do have already a website, can you convert this later in a CMS?

Yes, even though many of my competitors don't want to / can't offer it.

I can also convert an existing Wordpress page into ProcessWire and preserve it.

What is a CMS?

Wikipedia: A Content-Management-System (CMS) is a Software forcommon creation, editing and organization of content (content) mostly in web pages but also in other media forms. These can consist of text and multimedia documents. An author with access rights can operate such a system in many cases with little programming or HTML knowledge, since the majority of systems have a graphical user interface.

Why security updates?

You've probably already heard that pages are hacked.

With a small hairdressing page (please! I like to go to the hairdresser and appreciate the craftsmanship) it is rather unlikely, but imagine what happens if a lot of spam mails are sent from your site and your domain and your e-mail address are blacklisted worldwide.

Which security updates do I need?

Primary for the core of your CMS and the modules. Sometimes you have to hope that there will be quick (or even) updates for your modules.

Processwire has been developed on its own initiative to the highest security and speed.
You don't really need any updates there.


Why is here nothing written about NEWS pages on websites?

The desire for news headings is repeatedly expressed. Be aware that if you don't have something current to say every month, I would advise against it.

You should rather take care of your core business, but of course I do what you want me to do.

If you have a lot of things to tell us quickly use Facebook, Instagram etc. I help with a professional profile.

How does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work?

On-Page (on the page):
1. content creation suitable for your customers (and not supposedly for search engines, which are not stupid)
2. content representation in code with structuring and highlighting (you have to do that well though).
3. matching pictures with descriptions (custom-made pictures are unique, which is honored by Google as well as the visitor
I could help you there ; )
You can also buy pictures on portals at a low price, they don't look good because they often don't fit together. The time it takes to get together is usually a lot of time. Just try it, I'll show you where to look.

Link building of relevant (!) sites, references in blogs and on social media platforms (posts on Facebook, Google+ & Co, technical reports.

Why do I need a server and a domain?

The server is more or less the hard drive in the cloud for your website and the domain is pointing to a folder on that hard disk.
By the way: Packages for 7-10 € per month are sufficient for a ProcessWire installation.

Can I host the website with you?

No, I don't do that. For two simple reasons:
1. I want you to stay in full control.
2. I leave it to the companies that really specialize in this field.

But I will gladly recommend the competent hosters and set up everything for you..

Do you use website building kits?

There are many different website building blocks, probably also at your provider. Test it if you want to create your own website. A lot of people do that. If you ask them, they say it took weeks and ate up all their free time. On the other hand, one learns something very important: structuring the content. If this work is done, then you have the best conditions to get a cheaper offer from me.

I don't use any kits. This is because I don't want to impose any restrictions in function and design on my customers.

Is your consultation free of charge?

The initial consultation is free of charge. Tips as well.

I want you to feel confident and in good hands..

Do you also do responsive web design for mobile devices?

This is a standard service and not an extra service.

Use of templates / templates / themes?

Well, why not? With a small budget, it is often impossible to avoid.
The trick is to find a well-programmed one, which meets all requirements.

If your budget is particularly small, then you should do your own research. Personally I need a couple of hours for research and testing.

P.S.: I charge the costs (approx. 15-60€) for an acquired template transparently and I don't pretend that this is my design achievement.

Some customers, however, place value on truly individual design and include this in the budget..

Customize templates / templates / themes?

Some things go quickly and easily, some things get complicated.

For cases where I have to pass, I work with freelancers and agencies worldwide. I can only do almost anything

Can I provide my own texts?

For sure, you have usually even created the structure with it.

That saves time & money.

Are you writing texts for me?

If we have created the planned content and structure together but what I don’t do are these unspeakable texts which are only intended for search engines.

Do you also take care of my website?

Yes, 80% of the customers who have ordered a CMS from me ask after 3 months if I can't enter the content.
They want to take care of their core business.

And yes, I also maintain websites that have not been created by me.

How long does a creation take?

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for a standard website. Insofar the texts and structure are clear..

Can you go faster? There are times when it is sometimes calmer with me, so: yes.

When does it take longer? If you have no plan at all or really want to have really fancy things ; )

Do you copy websites of one of my competitors to me?

No. I'm not allowed and I don't want to.

You can be inspired by people who have done everything right, the view into the neighbouring garden is often important.

Why are others cheaper than you?

There are newcomers who still have to gather experience.

There are designers who work from home.
You can also come by my place and we don't have to meet in a café.

There are however so-called agencies that work gross for 19,99 €.
Yes, but they will charge you for 150 hours (they have to).

Individual specialists are sometimes cheaper. I deliver everything from a single source, you save costs, time and ways.

I don't use any kits where only the colors can be adjusted.

I am constantly training myself.

I actually live off what I do for you.

Why are others more expensive than you?

I have no need for representative, my studio is in a loft.

I only buy what is necessary (but the best).

I have no employees, only freelancers.

I have a SEAT and an average cell phone.

I prefer to define myself by satisfied customers and I want to keep them.

Advantages of a good freelancer?

Direct contact to you, don't underestimate that.

Continuous project support with one contact person.

He thinks holistically.

Short-term bookable.

Permanent training.

Working out of passion.

Quality of work at agency level.

Hm, shall I go rather to an agency??

Yes, if your project exceeds €12,000 in 3 months.

Yes, if you need me exclusively for a longer period of time.

Yes, if you want to have services that I and my network cannot offer. I'm being honest.

Yes, if whole marketing campaigns are to be carried out.

Yes, if you need film productions that my colleague in the studio cannot do.

Yes, if you want me to clone Amazon for you.

What do you think about stock images?

You can do it, but they should fit together and it is often difficult.
Don't underestimate the time spent on image research.

Custom-made photos must be of very good quality!

You take pictures, too?

I am a state certified photographer and have my own studio.

Of course, I also work on site.

Do you also edit photos?

Yes, no image can be used just like that from the camera.

I'll make you a little prettier if you're not satisfied with details.

Do you do printed matter also?

Yes, flyers, posters, advertisements, business cards, exhibition stand backgrounds, refrigerator magnets, coins...

... p>

Coffee or tea for you?


1. Good consultation

(actually a matter of course)

2. Brainstorming

3. Structure

4. Design

5. Execution

6. Optimisation