Web design & photography in Munich

What I can do for you

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My passion is webdesign and photography and I excel at both.
For me photography also includes picture editing, optimization and manipulation.
Web design includes programming and search engine optimization.
While others might offer you one thing or another, I offer you a complete solution.

Advantages of a freelance web designer


As I am flexible in my working hours, it is also possible to work at short notice.

Contact is much more personal in comparison to an agency. Projects can be easily calculated and tackled.


I am easily accessible for you because you have only one contact person who is responsible for the project.

That's how you have a high transparency for individual jobs. I don't switch my position ; )


Thanks to many different assignments, I have a wealth of experience and understanding of your individual needs.

I can quickly adapt to new situations and give you a valuable view from the outside.


My work is my livelihood: no jobs, no income. So I am always highly motivated.

In addition, good references are very important and I always work in such a way that I am also recommended.

Safe money

You pay only one expert not three or five.

Possibly you are looking for someone who is cheaper than me on an hourly rate but then you are looking for five service providers and not the one who can do it all for you.


Are you interested in working examples?

The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds, and the pessimist fears this is true

– James Branch

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